About Us

Colin Neighbourhood Partnership (CNP) is an award-winning Neighbourhood Renewal organisation based in the Colin area of West Belfast. The Partnership consists of local people and organisations, elected and community representatives, and government bodies. CNP was set up by local people living and working in the Colin area who wanted to see positive change in their community.

Today, all these organisations work together in partnership to address issues that affect people living in the Colin area.


CNP proactively initiates and manages a vast array of projects and initiatives covering arts and culture, community safety, environment, family support, and health and wellbeing.


The services CNP provides to the local Colin community include..

  • Annual Calendar of Arts, Cultural and Community Events

  • Community Safety Initiatives and Environmental Projects

  • Colins Men Shed

  • Colin Allotments and Healthy Living Centre

    • Allotment Opportunities

    • Healthy Living Centre

  • Good Morning Colin

    • Carers Group

  • Training and Volunteering

  • Youth Inclusion Project

  • Colin Early Intervention

Neighbourhood Renewal


This initial guidance sets out the board principles and processes underpinning the establishment of Neighbourhood Partnerships (NPS) in Northern Ireland and the role that is envisaged for them in the implementation of Neighbourhood Renewal. it is neither possible nor appropriate for the Department of Social Development (DSD to specify in detail what mechanisms should be put in place locally - the structure of the NPS may differ from one Neighbourhood Renewal area to another and arrangements made at the local level should reflect local needs and structures. The overall aim will be to set a meaningful, focused, and inclusive process in motion without undue prescription or interference from the Department.

The document explains how the DSD will assist in the establishment of the NPs’. It sets out what is required from Neighbourhood Action Plans and Vision Statements and summarises how DSD envisages Neighbourhood Renewal resources being deployed over the next 3 years.

The Department’s overriding interest is in ensuring that local people can influence decision-making and have a real say in the future of their areas. The approach being adopted is a long-term one – Neighbourhood Renewal will roll out over a 7-10 year period.