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Colin Neighbourhood Partnership Secures National Lottery Funding for Continued Community Support!

Colin Neighbourhood Partnership is delighted to announce the fantastic news that it has secured vital funding of £415,560 from The National Lottery Community Fund for delivering essential services and events that enrich the lives of Colin residents for the next three years!

The new project called Colin – Together securing a happy, valued, safe and proud community is an exciting initiative that allows them to maintain and develop a wide range of programmes, workshops, and events designed to:

  • Strengthen community connections: Build a strong sense of belonging and togetherness within the Colin neighbourhood.

  • Empowerment and well-being: Equip residents with the skills and resources to thrive, promoting positive mental and physical health.

  • Family Fun: Create opportunities for families to connect and have quality time together through seasonal events like Colin Summer Events and Christmas celebrations.

This National Lottery funding will make possible:

Arts and Culture at the Heart of Colin

The project will leverage the power of arts and cultural activities to bring people together. Residents can look forward to exciting events and programmes happening at beloved locations like Cloona House and its grounds, Colin Town Square, and the new Páirc Nua Chollan.

Growing a Healthier Colin

The project ensures the continuation of CNP's vital work at the Colin Allotment site and Healthy Living Centre. Here, residents of all ages can participate in:

  • Gardening workshops: Learn new skills, connect with nature, and enjoy the benefits of gentle exercise on mental and physical well-being.

  • Cookery and nutrition classes: Gain knowledge about healthy food choices and build confidence in the kitchen.

Building Bridges for Youth

The project supports the continuation of the Youth Inclusion Project, offering a variety of activities, trips, and workshops for young people with and without disabilities. This program fosters social inclusion and provides much-needed respite for families, including those involved with the Colin Autism Group.

Safety First in Colin

The project empowers CNP's Community Safety Officer to organize initiatives for all residents. Working alongside local police and community groups, programmes will focus on areas like:

  • Beat the Burglar: Equip residents, especially the elderly and vulnerable, with the knowledge and tools to feel safer at home.

  • Scam Awareness: Educate residents about scams and cold callers.

  • Youth Safety: Address issues like drug abuse, anti-social behaviour, and littering through workshops and creative campaigns.

Protecting Our Environment

The project fosters collaboration with the Colin Wildlife Group, Conservation Volunteers NI, and Belfast Hills Partnership. Together, they will engage residents, volunteers, and school children in activities promoting the preservation of nature and wildlife in the Colin area. This includes:

  • Volunteer opportunities: Give back to the community by clearing overgrown areas and promoting biodiversity.

  • Educational workshops: Learn about local wildlife, the impact of littering, and invasive plant species.

  • Outdoor activities: Enjoy bird box building, stargazing, and bug hunts.

Annie Armstrong, Manager, Colin Neighbourhood Partnership commented “We at CNP are incredibly grateful to The National Lottery Community Fund for longer-term funding. It lets us to continue making a positive impact on the lives of Colin residents for years to come. We look forward to fostering a vibrant and inclusive community for all ages through our exciting programmes and events”.

Kate Beggs, Northern Ireland Director of The National Lottery Community Fund said: “Congratulations to Colin Neighbourhood Partnership for being awarded this grant, thanks to money raised by National Lottery players.

“We look forward to seeing the difference the project will make to the community in West Belfast over the coming years."

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