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Colin Allotments and Healthy Living Centre

The Healthy Living Centre offers a range of horticultural courses, nutritional and cookery, and bespoke classes and is used by schools, community groups, and public bodies to support innovative approaches to health and well-being and community engagement. It provides schoolchildren with an opportunity to participate in outdoor learning away from the classroom and allows them to increase their understanding of healthy living and nutrition from a young age.


The Colin Allotment site includes large, raised beds, polytunnels, storage, toilets, compost bays, and a community garden with a social area and clay pizza oven.

The allotments provide many benefits to plot holders; not only the satisfaction of producing their home-grown vegetables but their mental and physical health is also enhanced, and they feel part of a community.

For further information please contact:


Matthew McKinley, Commercial Manager

Tel: 028 9061 2317


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