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Our Strategy

Have Your Say: Community Consultation

During the period 14 to 24 May 2002 the “Have Your Say” Community Consultation was carried out across the Colin area. The purpose of the consultation was to confirm community agreement and support for the key issues that had been identified by Colin Neighbourhood Partnership (CNP) (Previously known as Colin Neighbourhood Partnership) and to highlight any additional issues that the community considered important to address

The Strategic

This section presents a strategic framework for the Colin Neighbourhood Partnership.


It was developed based on the:

  • strategic context;

  • assessment of need;

  • community consultation;

  • and swot analysis and framework for addressing needs.

A series of themes were presented as the basis for the Colin Neighbourhood strategy. These themes were based on the findings of the strategy development and were confirmed by the strategy steering group.

Physical Structure of the Study Area

Historical Context Colin consisted of several traditional township areas which were marked out in plans which date from the 1830s.

Proposal for Overall Study Area

The Proposal Schedule was generally divided into the following six categories:

  • routes and access;

  • housing;

  • community facilities;

  • landscape/open spaces

  • Stewartstown road; and

  • Colin Town Centre

It was proposed that the role of CNP would be primarily a coordinating and lobbying body for the area. Within that context, the organisation needed to represent the views and opinions of the wider community.

Colin Town Centre Report

The Colin Neighbourhood Partnership looks forward to helping take the Colin community out of the top 10% of the most disadvantaged communities in Northern Ireland. This community does not want to remain a Neighbourhood Renewal Area. The residents wish for a community where fairness, inclusion and equality of opportunity are an everyday reality.

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