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Colin Neighbourhood Partnership has recently been opening its doors to help senior residents of the community amidst the cost-of-living crisis.

The “Colin Warm Space Initiative” operated by the Good Morning Colin Project (GMC) aims to bring local seniors together in a warm, safe environment during the winter months. On Wednesdays, at no cost to seniors, GMC hosts a hot lunch and screens a classic movie showing at Cloona House.

Many older people are struggling to heat their homes during this time and this initiative has been greatly welcomed by the local community.

Isabel Flood, Coordinator, Good Morning Colin commented “We are delighted to be able to provide this service. The cost of heating their home is such a huge concern for our seniors. We don’t want anyone to be struggling at this time and would encourage you to come along to one of our movie events where a warm welcome is guaranteed.”

The “Colin Warm Space Initiative” is operating until 22nd March 2023. Booking is essential. To book a place please contact Isabel or Aisling at the Good Morning Colin office at 028 9062 7863.

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