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Colin Green Spaces Volunteers Triumph at Live Here Love Here Community Awards

Colin Green Spaces volunteers are thrilled to announce their win of the Community Champions Award at the Live Here Love Here Community Awards! This prestigious recognition acknowledges the dedication and hard work of these incredible individuals who tirelessly contribute to making the community a greener and brighter place.

The Colin Green Spaces project, a collaborative effort between the Colin Neighbourhood Partnership and the Colin Wildlife Group, has garnered significant praise for its remarkable restoration efforts focused on Old Colin Wood and Belle Steele Garden.

Overgrown areas have been revitalised, creating a welcoming green haven for all. Nearly 400 bulbs promise a vibrant spring display, thanks to the volunteers' tireless planting efforts. Additionally, hundreds of trees have been planted in collaboration with the Belfast Hills Partnership and The Conservation Volunteers.

The volunteers' commitment extends far beyond beautification. Through dedicated efforts in removing litter, planting wildflowers, and meticulously clearing invasive species, they have fostered a thriving ecosystem, actively combating climate change and breathing new life into the local green spaces.

"We are incredibly proud of the work our volunteers have accomplished," said Emily Brough, Volunteer Support at Colin Neighbourhood Partnership. "This award is a testament to their unwavering dedication and passion for making a positive impact on our community."

Their tireless efforts have not only transformed a local space but have also fostered a sense of environmental stewardship and community pride.”

The Colin Green Spaces Project has been made possible thanks to funding from the Northern Ireland Housing Executive, Belfast City Council and the Department for Communities, with initial funding from the National Lottery Together for Our Planet programme.

For further information about volunteering opportunities and the Colin Green Spaces Project please contact Emily Brough at Colin Neighbourhood Partnership on 028 9062 3813 or email:

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