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Community Day of Action

As you are all no doubt aware there are a series of damaging cuts to both public and community services being prepared which will have a devastating impact on our people and communities. Regardless of what sector you are in, the impact will be the same, people will suffer!

The detail is slowly emerging across Departmental lines and the most vulnerable in our society will be affected unduly again, individual cuts will undoubtedly cause damage to the services and support we can offer local communities and the cumulative impact across a number of Departments will be even more severe with some organisations seriously impacted if not at risk of closure.

It has long been felt across community lines that the work that many of us carry out and deliver for our people is undermined and often undervalued, these cuts must be resisted to prevent already vulnerable people being subject to further targeting which this will undoubtedly harm their future as well as their physical and mental wellbeing.

I hope you can spread the word about a day of protest next week on Thursday 25th May at 1pm at Belfast City Hall

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